85 wealthiest individuals have as much money as the poorest half

  • A shocking report showed that the poorest half of the entire population in the world makes as much money as the 85 most wealthy people around the globe. 

    The poorest population, which is comprised of 3.5B people, makes over $1.6 trilion. It's also shocking to note that the wealthiest one percent makes 65 times more than the poorest 50 percent. 

    This Oxfam report is meant to shed light on the increasingly growing income inequality.

    The richest people in the world are known to use their power to make sure that economic policies facilitate in bringing more money into their pockets. "Widening inequality is creating a vicious circle where wealth and power are increasingly concentrated in the hands of a few, leaving the rest of us to fight over crumbs from the top table," the executive director of Oxfam said. 

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