250-year-old toy store Hamleys sold to French firm

  • Toy retailer Hamleys has been sold to French group Ludendo for around $97 million.

    On Monday, family-owned Groupe Ludendo announced it had added the 252-year-old business, which calls itself "the world's most famous toy retailer", to its portfolio.

    The chain has eight outlets in the UK and Ireland along with stores in overseas markets such as India and Dubai.

    Groupe Ludendo has 300 toy stories in France, Spain, Belgium and Switzerland.

    Hamleys was mainly owned by Iceland’s nationalized Landsbanki bank, which took control after its previous majority shareholder, Icelandic investment firm Baugur, collapsed in 2009.

    Hamleys was established by William Hamley in London in 1760. Its seven-floor flagship store is on London’s Regent Street and a popular destination for tourists.