What Happened on 31 October 2013

Five arrested in Tiananmen Attack

Chinese authorities have arrested five people in connection to the attack that took place close to the government headquarters in… Read More.

Nine killed in Iraq bomb blast

A suicide bomber detonated a bomb, killing at least nine people and injuring 25 others at a police checkpoint west… Read More.

Too many young girls forced to marry and give birth

An Indian girl named Komol didn't want to get married at an early age and wanted to study instead. But… Read More.

Woman retires from target after 45 years

Jeanne Brouillet began working at a Target in Bloomington, Minn. on Oct 28, 1968 and retired on Monday after 45… Read More.

$27 Bitcoin bought in 2009 becomes $886k

Kristoffer Koch completely forgot about the $27 he bought in Bitcoin while researching on encryption. This is sure to have… Read More.

World is running short on wine

The world is running short on wine and things seem to be this bad for the first time in 50… Read More.

Steroids could benefit athletes for months, maybe years

A new study from Norway shows that steroids could give athletes a competitive advantage for way longer than previously believed. … Read More.

Bears' quarterback expecting a second child

Jay Cutler and his wife Kristen Cavallari are growing their family and expecting a second child.  Cavallari, who is a… Read More.

Ashton Kutcher is now a Lenovo Product engineer

The highest paid actor on TV Ashton Kutcher has now become a product engineer for Lenovo's line of Yoga tablets. … Read More.

Steve Jobs' childhood home gets historical protection

The Silicon Valley home where Steve Jobs spent his childhood and started building his first computers is now a historic… Read More.

Kim Kardashian to take Kanye's last name

Kim Kardashian recently revealed that she plans on taking Kanye West's last name after they are married. She will make… Read More.

The Jonas Brothers have split

After weeks of rumors and announcing the cancelation of their tour, it has officially been confirmed that the Jonas Brothers… Read More.