What Happened on 31 May 2016

France to go all the way to make companies pay taxes

The finance minister of France has said that the country will go “all the way” to collect taxes from companies… Read More.

Taliban abducts 200 travelers in Afghanistan; 20 still hostage

Taliban abducted around 200 people in Afghanistan’s Kunduz province early Tuesday morning. Media reports quoted a police spokesman as saying… Read More.

Syrian crisis: Twenty three killed in air strikes

Around 23 people were killed in Russian air strikes in the rebel-held Syrian city of Idlib. Media reports quoted the… Read More.

Railway workers to go on strike against planned reforms

The French transport network, which is already suffering fuel shortage, will witness further disruption as railway workers will go on… Read More.

Another minister in Brazil's new government resigns

Another Minister in Brazil’s new government has put down his papers. As per media reports, Fabiano Silveira, who was in… Read More.

North Korea missile test launch fails

North Korea’s attempt to launch a ballistic missile off its east coast appears to have failed. It is uncertain what… Read More.