What Happened on 31 July 2014

Sleeping children killed in Gaza strike: 'world stands disgraced' says UN official

Officials from the United Nations have said the killing of sleeping children in an Israeli attack on a Gaza school… Read More.

Sanctions are 'destructive and short-sighted': Russia

Russia has called the new sanctions imposed on it by the EU and United States as “destructive and short-sighted," according… Read More.

Stark warning over link between belly fat and diabetes

Public Health England has warned that men measuring more than 40 inches around the middle have five times more chances… Read More.

Liberia steps up efforts to control Ebola outbreak

Liberia is likely to quarantine many rural communities, shut down schools and several markets, and send all non-essential public servants… Read More.

Farmers who shot Bangladeshi strawberry pickers acquitted by Greek court

There has been outrage in Greece after a court acquitted local farmers, who admitted shooting Bangladeshi strawberry pickers when they… Read More.

House Republicans vote to authorize lawsuit against Obama

The US House of Representatives has voted 225-201 to authorize a lawsuit accusing President Barack Obama of having overstepped his… Read More.

6 killed in suicide attack in Nigeria college

A female suicide bomber blew herself up at a college in Nigeria’s Kano city, killing six people. Militant group Boko… Read More.

30 killed, dozens missing in landslide in India

At least 30 people were feared killed in a landslide in the Indian state of Maharashtra, according to media reports.… Read More.

Slow smartphone growth hits Samsung profit

Samsung Electronics has reported a 20% drop in profits in the second quarter, which is being attributed to a decline… Read More.

US economy bounces back in spring

The United States economy appears to have bounced back in spring, with a growth of 4% annually in the second… Read More.

Lukaku leaves Chelsea for Everton with 'no regrets'

Romelu Lukaku, who has signed a five-year contract with Everton, said he had no regrets over the £28m move from… Read More.

Amazon is set to invest $2bn in India

Online retailer Amazon is set to invest another $2bn to boost its Indian operations, according to media reports. Chief executive… Read More.