What Happened on 31 December 2013

Syria set to miss chemical weapons deadline

Syria's chemical weapons are to be expelled by tomorrow but reports suggest that the country may miss the deadline since… Read More.

England to begin registering all breast implants

After a scandal regarding dangerous breast implants, England is going to begin registering each breast augmentation.  "The PIP implant scandal… Read More.

Olympic fears increase after second Russian attack

A second major terrorist attack only 24 hours after the first one has shaken the city of Volgograd and risen… Read More.

Zappos to get rid of company hierarchy

CEO Tony Hsieh of Zappos said the company is getting rid of its hierarchy and explained to the employees that… Read More.

Al-Qaeda's day-to-day life revealed

About 100 receipts and invoices recovered in a Timbuktu building have revealed al-Qaeda's day-to-day expenses. Turns out even terrorists love… Read More.

New York Applebee's to throw expensive NYE party

Two Applebee's in New York City are charging people $375 for its 4-hour-long New Year's Eve celebrations.  The restaurant chain… Read More.

Ski helmet saved Schumacher from dying

Doctors aren't providing much information about Michael Schumacher's condition as he remains in artificial coma. "It is too early, at… Read More.

Reporter finishes interview after passing out on live TV

KUTV reporter Brooke Graham passed out while interviewing live in Utah but she made sure to finish the interview after… Read More.

New generation computers will learn from their mistakes

It looks like supercomputers are going to function like human brains soon enough. Reports suggest that commercial chips, which learn… Read More.

Teen pulls knife on dad for not receiving iPhone for Xmas

Christmas is usually the time when families come together and be grateful for what they have. However, things didn't work… Read More.

Robin Roberts comes out to the public

Robin Roberts' colleagues and friends have long known her secret but she recently opened up to the public in a… Read More.

Sotomayor to drop the ball in Times square

Sonia Sotomayor is the one chosen to lead the most-watched New Year's Eve event in the world. She's going to… Read More.