What Happened on 30 January 2014

Politicians nominate Snowden for Nobel Peace Prize

Barack Obama is probably not happy about the fact that two politicians in Norway nominated Edward Snowden for the Nobel… Read More.

Toronto mayor accused of conspiracy regarding jail beating

Another interesting event in Rob Ford's life: His sister's ex-boyfriend has accused him of conspiring to have a man beaten… Read More.

Cops deliver baby in Atlanta traffic jam

Police in suburban Atlanta said they aided in delivering a baby in the middle of an icy traffic jam.  Sandy… Read More.

Pope Francis to feature on the cover of Rolling Stone

Pope Francis may be the 266th person to hold the job but he's certainly the first one to be featured… Read More.

Man gets free meals by scamming airline

A man in China realized that his first-class airline ticket could be more useful to him than just getting him… Read More.

Target data breach is being investigated

Attorney General Eric Holder mentioned that investigations regarding the massive data breach at Target are still ongoing.  "The Department of… Read More.

Ex-NFL cheerleader reveals harsh job requirements

A Raiderette recently came forward and revealed that she makes only $5 an hour. However, another update by a former… Read More.

Student admits to putting bleach into Gatorade cooler

A middle-schooler in South Carolina reportedly admitted to mixing a cap of bleach into a Gatorade cooler during a basketball… Read More.

Wikipedia wants readers to hear voices

Digital media will enable our future generations to hear voices of all the notable personalities today. Wikipedia wants to give… Read More.

Study says that short people suffer from inferiority complex

Results of a recent study regarding short people, conducted by researchers in Britain were depressing.  "Our hunch was that the… Read More.

100k to sign petition for getting Bieber deported

The latest "We the People" petition signed by 101,000 people has asked President Obama to deport Bieber for representing Americans… Read More.

First gay couple shown on Disney Channel

The Disney Channel debuted its first gay couple: A lesbian couple on the show Good Luck Charlie met with the… Read More.