What Happened on 30 December 2013

13 die in Russian suicide bombing

A suicide bomber killed at least 13 people and wounded several more at a railway station in southern Russia.  According… Read More.

Archaeologist discovers another Great Wall in China

Archaeologist Gary Feinman was only hunting for pottery shards in China when he discovered something rattling: An earth wall, reaching… Read More.

Uruguay is country of the year on the Economist

South American nation Uruguay is the "country of the year" on the Economist's list.  The editors explained that they looked… Read More.

GM to recall vehicles in China

General Motors along with its main partner in China are recalling about 1.5M cars in order to replace a bracket,… Read More.

John Krafcik to leave as CEO of Hyundai in the U.S.

CEO John Krafcik, who turned around the fate of Hyundai and made the company a big contender in the U.S.… Read More.

Man finds lottery ticket in gutter and wins $1M prize

A Long Island man, who found a lottery ticket in a gutter has finally been awarded $1M.  The 27-year-old Marvin… Read More.

ESPN broadcaster saves choking partner

It wasn't a losing football team, which was accused of choking in a game this time.  ESPN announcer Chris Fowler… Read More.

Michael Schumacher suffers severe brain injury

Formula One champion Michael Schumacher has been hospitalized after being severely injured in a skiing accident in the French Alps. … Read More.

Most of the old scientific data may be lost

Scientists reproduce new studies and new research based on raw data. However, a new study, which blames old technology, shows… Read More.

Victim's eyes could be the new crime fighting tool

Considering that humans are exceptionally good at identifying faces, police could use it to solve crimes in the future.  Researchers… Read More.

North has a Lamborghini just like her father

Looks like North doesn't only have the best enviable closet but also an enviable garage: After receiving some incredible presents for… Read More.

Patrick Swayze's widow to remarry

Lisa Niemi had a wonderful Christmas this year: Jeweler Albert DePrisco proposed to her on Christmas Eve.  The two have… Read More.