What Happened on 29 September 2013

Turkey ban studio apartments

Turkey's new rules put into effect this month outlaw studio apartments. The government has claimed it will cut down on… Read More.

Syria's weapons inspections begin next week

The first international inspectors will assess Syria's chemical weapons starting Tuesday. The Security Council demands that Assad's weapons be destroyed… Read More.

EPA official stole $900K by not showing up

A former high-ranking official with the EPA did more than calling in sick with a small lie.  John C. Beale… Read More.

Half-marathoner misses turn and wins 1st marathon

Meredith Fitzmaurice was the only one among the female runners to have finished the Ontario race on Sunday. Her story… Read More.

New device helps rescuers to detect heartbeat in rubble

NASA engineers have come up with a device that would result in making rescue operations much easier than they are… Read More.

Kimye is Paris-bound

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are on their way to the City of Lights and were reportedly seen boarding a… Read More.