What Happened on 29 October 2014

Possible to believe in both evolution and creation, says Pope

Pope Francis has said that evolution and creation are not contradictory to each other, according to media reports. The big… Read More.

Egypt's civilian infrastructure placed under army jurisdiction

Large swathes of civilian infrastructure in Egypt have been placed under army jurisdiction, by a presidential decree, according to media… Read More.

Kim Jong Un had 'surgery to remove cyst in ankle'

Kim Jong Un, North Korea’s supreme leader, whose recent disappearance from public view fueled rumors about his health, underwent an… Read More.

Six months after Sewol ferry disaster, body found

The body of a female victim of the Sewol ferry disaster has been discovered, on Tuesday, October 28, more than… Read More.

US praises efforts to tackle Ebola

Praising efforts by west African countries hit by Ebola and international donors, US envoy to the UN Samantha Power has… Read More.

US steps up security at government buildings

The United States has tightened its security at government buildings following the gun attack on Canada’s parliament, media reports say.… Read More.

Hawaiian village evacuates as lava threatens homes

Residents of Pahoa, a Hawaiian village, have started evacuating to avoid the path of a lava, according to media reports. … Read More.

Unmanned rocket explodes seconds after launch

An unmanned rocket blew up over eastern Virginia on Tuesday evening, October 22, seconds after it was launched from the… Read More.

Facebook shares fall after spending warning

Facebook has warned of a sharp increase in its spending next year and a slowing down of revenue growth in… Read More.

League Cup: Chelsea, Liverpool in last eight

An own goal spared Chelsea the blushes as they won 2-1 against Shrewsbury to reach the last eight of the… Read More.

Google working on technology for early detection of diseases

Google is working on a technology that could make it possible to diagnose deadly diseases like cancer and stroke at… Read More.

Actor Hugh Jackman is treated for skin cancer

Actor Hugh Jackman has again undergone treatment for skin cancer, according to media reports. After he was pictured with a… Read More.