What Happened on 29 November 2013

Thailand's PM begs for peace

Thailand's prime minster Yingluck Shinawatra begged protestors to end the latest crisis in the country by calling off their demonstrations.… Read More.

Cancer patients being kept from painkillers

According to over two dozen cancer groups, restrictive laws regarding drug abuse have resulted in half of the world's population… Read More.

Pizza Hut offered GM his job back

A Pizza Hut general manager, who went to the media and said he lost his job since he wanted the… Read More.

Dallas Cowboys to break tradition for the first time

It's for the first time in 40 years that Dallas Cowboys will be dressed in blue jerseys for a home… Read More.

Health Care Site delayed further

The Obama administration had promised that HealthCare.gov will be launched by the end of Nov. but officials have confirmed that… Read More.

Graffiti is Bieber's latest bad behavior

An Australian mayor said Bieber's behavior was "really, really silly" since he sprayed a Pacman ghost and other graffiti on… Read More.