What Happened on 29 November 2012

Egypt assembly rushes to finish constitution

The assembly drawing up a new Egyptian constitution has said it hopes to vote on a draft version later today.… Read More.

Obama and Romney to meet for lunch

U.S. President Barack Obama is due to have lunch at the White House with defeated Republican election rival Mitt Romney… Read More.

BP faces temporary ban over new U.S. contracts

BP has been temporarily suspended from being awarded new contracts with the U.S. government, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) said… Read More.

Mike Tyson to tour U.S. with one-man show

Former heavyweight boxing champion Mike Tyson said he plans to tour the United States with his one-man theater show early… Read More.

Nokia pushes for Blackberry sales bans after patent dispute

Nokia has requested courts in the United States, United Kingdom and Canada to block sales of rival Blackberry smartphones. The… Read More.

Hobbit fever sweeps New Zealand

Hobbit fever swept across New Zealand's capital for the world premiere of Peter Jackson's new trilogy on Wednesday. The Hobbit:… Read More.