What Happened on 29 May 2016

China's take against Disney

In competition with entertainment giant Disney, China richest man has opened a huge entertainment complex in the south eastern city… Read More.

World's fastest wearable integrated circuits created

In a technological feat that can revolutionise Internet of Things (IOT), a team of engineers from United States have… Read More.

Lufthansa plans to suspend flights to Venezuela

German airline Lufthansa has said that it will suspend its flights to Venezuela from June 18. This decision comes in… Read More.

Teen gang raped by 33 men in Brazil

A 16-year-old was allegedly raped by 33 men in a slum of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The incident has sparked… Read More.

Real Madrid wins the European Champions League

Real Madrid won the champions league finals after defeating Atletico Madrid, making them the champions for the 11th time. Real… Read More.

Texas firm tries to prevent Apple from using its Face Time services

A Texas based patent licensing firm is seeking to prevent apple from using its face time and iMessage services. VirnetX… Read More.