What Happened on 29 March 2014

Mexican women forced to give birth in street

Women's rights activists looked for help in order to end the pattern of poor women in Mexico being forced to… Read More.

Search area of missing jet moves 700 miles

Search planes for the missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 are now concentrating on a smaller area of the Indian Ocean.… Read More.

GM stops selling some Cruzes

General Motors is now facing another issue and has stopped selling Chevy Cruzes from 2013 and 2014 with 1.4-liter turbo… Read More.

Oscar Pistorius' case postponed

Oscar Pistorius' murder trial has been postponed until April 7 after one of the legal experts fell ill.  "One of… Read More.

Facebook plans to use drones to deliver Internet

Facebook's ambition to deliver the Internet around the globe may become a reality with the help of lasers, drones and… Read More.

Amy Winehouse may be on tour as a 3D hologram

Amy Winehouse may follow Tupac and go on a world tour as a hologram.  "The idea is in its early… Read More.