What Happened on 29 June 2014

Which country is the least-connected?

According to the United Nations, Eritrea is the least-connected country in the world with less than one percent of the… Read More.

Bengal tiger snatches man from boat

A man hunting for crabs illegally in an Indian national park reportedly paid for it with his life. The Odisha… Read More.

Fewer parents help children pay for college

A recent survey indicates that about 77 percent of parents said they plan on helping their kid pay for college.… Read More.

Luis Suarez calls bite an accident

Luis Suarez faces a four month ban from FIFA after biting an opponent in his last game. The player has… Read More.

There is a new product for the summertime

If you love going to the pool during the summer and like to hear music at the same time, you… Read More.

Amy Adams makes a first-class move

Kurt Schlosser of Today.com called it a "first-class move." Amy Adams moved to a US serviceman's seat today on a… Read More.