What Happened on 29 July 2013

Floods in North Carolina kill two people

Two people from different families drowned while swimming in a creek Saturday afternoon.  Heavy rain and flash floods caused the… Read More.

Violence kills up to 25 people in Nigeria

25 people were killed during an attack by the vigilantes and retaliation by Islamic extremists in northeast Nigeria. Earlier this… Read More.

36 pilgrims die in bus crash in southern Italy

A bus carrying pilgrims to Catholic shrine went off a bridge in southern Italy and killed at least 36 people,… Read More.

Woman wins $18.6 million for battle over credit report

Julie Miller of Marion County, who spent two years unsuccessfully trying to get major mistakes on her credit report fixed… Read More.

Michael Dell will stay with the company he founded

The chief executive of Dell says he intends to stay with the company he founded. Dell is trying to take… Read More.

Publicis and Omnicon merge to make biggest ad firm

The world's biggest advertising company worth $35.1bn will be created as a result of the merger between France's Publicis and… Read More.

Manti Te'o earns trust of one of his teammates

Apart from being a fan favorite in San Diego, Mani Te'o is also on his way to becoming a locker… Read More.

NY Giant's Will Hill suspended for substance abuse

Giants safety Will Hill was suspended last week because he reportedly violated the NFL's substance abuse policy. Hill revealed a… Read More.

Man arrested over rape and death threats made on Twitter

The woman who persuaded Bank of England to put Jane Austen's face on new bank notes was threatened by a… Read More.

Tooth sensors reveal patients' lies

A new technology can now reveal patient's lies about eating less or not smoking. The sensors that can be embedded… Read More.

The Wolverine becomes No. 1

"The Wolverine," the latest movie which is set in Japan and features a lot of international cast has found its… Read More.

NBC to air Hillary Clinton miniseries

Although Hillary Clinton is not in office anymore, people will be seeing a lot of her in fictionalized form while… Read More.