What Happened on 29 August 2013

Russia shuts down gallery that mocked country's law

Russian authorities are not allowing those opposing the anti-gay law to use mockery against the government. Cops removed several gallery… Read More.

Toronto mayor admits to smoking pot

Toronto mayor Rob Ford admits that he has smoked a lot of pot.  He said during a press scrum that… Read More.

Obama said Syria used chemical weapons

Latest Updates - US Attacks Syria President Obama has concluded that chemical weapons had been used in the Syria… Read More.

Walmart wants same policy for all states

Walmart workers' health care benefits are being extended to their domestic partners irrespective of whether they are same or opposite… Read More.

Banker blows bailout money on posh condo

A former bank executive pleaded guilty on blowing bailout money in order to buy himself a waterfront condo.  Darryl Layne… Read More.

Obamacare faces another obstacle

The deadline for insurance companies to sign their agreements for the insurance exchanges has been delayed. This is another delay… Read More.

Best NFL linebacker of 2012

Patrick Willis has been ranked the top linebacker of the game after a sterling season. He topped the NFL rankings… Read More.

UF Coach may have covered up for Hernandez

A new report suggested that while being head coach at the University of Florida, Urban Meyer could have been involved… Read More.

NYT forced to use alternate website

A group of hackers loyal to Syria's Assad hacked the New York Times forcing the company to use nytco.com as… Read More.

74 countries demand info on Facebook users

American intelligence agencies and police are the most eager to gain information on Facebook users. The company said it has… Read More.

'Amélie' director hates musical

Twitter users expressed a lot of enthusiasm in regards to 'Amélie' being made into a musical but there is one… Read More.

Michael Doughlas and Catherine Zeta-Jones separate

Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones are reportedly taking a break from their relationship, as confirmed by his rep who refused… Read More.