What Happened on 28 October 2013

New Scottish beer is stronger than vodka

It might not be possible for you to have more than one of these at one time.  A Scottish brewery,… Read More.

Colombian rebels released US hostage

According to a statement by the Norwegian and Cuban governments, guerrilla fighters in Colombia have released a US hiker, who… Read More.

Syria meets chemical weapons plan deadline

The Syrian government has submitted a plan for the removal of the declared chemical weapons in its possession.  The declaration… Read More.

Collector has a $10 bill worth $500K

Although it only says $10 on the corner, this bill is worth much more than just… Read More.

Official claims ObamaCare website will be fixed in a month

The White House official, who is responsible for the repairs clarified things regarding the ObamaCare website.  Jeffrey Zients said "the… Read More.

Sriracha accidentally turned into an empire

The CEO of Huy Fong Foods is not a ruthless genius. In fact, his plan was never to build an… Read More.

Patriots fans boo New England for struggling through first half

Patriots offense isn't as good as it used to be and that's no secret.  New England struggled through halftime against… Read More.

Batboy gets his own baseball card

Ted Kremer was a guest batboy for the Cincinnati Reds for only one day last year but he still managed… Read More.

Journalist gets hackers to spy on him and gets chilling results

Journalist Adam Penenberg paid a private detective to spy on him about 14 years ago; he… Read More.

BBM waitlist ended for iPhone and Android users

Many iOS and Android users, who wished to use the new BBM app, were put on a waiting list in… Read More.

Chris Brown charged with felony assault

Chris Brown got into trouble with police once again.  According to the authorities, the singer began to argue with a… Read More.

Concert by Ke$ha gets canceled in Malaysia

Malaysia has declared that Ke$ha is not fit to perform in front of the public. The government canceled her concert… Read More.