What Happened on 28 May 2014

Old people can now seek help dying in Switzerland

Old people can now reportedly seek assistance in suicide in Switzerland and the group Exit said it would help them… Read More.

Father stones her pregnant daughter in Lahore

A 25-year-old woman in Pakistan was murdered outside a court in Lahore and her killers included her relatives, brothers as… Read More.

Chinese government tries to reduce pollution

The government in China is now trying to take 6 million polluting vehicles off the road in an attempt to… Read More.

College grads make more money than the rest

People wonder if going to college is worth it, considering that its costs are continuously increasing. However, David Leonhardt of… Read More.

People spend more time on video games

New research shows that people have begun spending an increasing amount of time playing games on smartphones and tablets. Reports… Read More.

Tablets continue to reshape workplaces

An increasing number of people are now using tablets at work and experts have begun to wonder as to how… Read More.

Mike Pouncey doesn't regret his bullying scandal

Miami Dolphins center Mike Pouncey mentioned that he doesn't regret being involved in last season's bullying scandal; this was the… Read More.

Hall of Fame boxer dies at 59

Matthew Saad Muhammad, who fought some of the most exciting boxing matches, died in Philadelphia at the age of 59;… Read More.

US military to fight mental illness

The US military's research division is now planning on fighting against mental illness, which has been one of its most… Read More.

Hacker becomes informant and goes free

Hector Monsegur is probably hated by all hackers, but that is what resulted in his freedom. A judge recently let… Read More.

Patrick Swayze's widow gets re-married

Media reports indicate that Patrick Swayze's widow Lisa Niemi got married to jeweler Albert DePrisco in Palm Beach, Florida yesterday. … Read More.

Which movie star is related to Kate Middleton?

The world is so small that you could even be related to royalty. People at Ancestry.com have found that actress… Read More.