What Happened on 28 March 2014

Another lead in case of missing jet

There's more frustration in relation to the missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 since a Thai satellite has found another 300… Read More.

India is polio-free

The World Health Organization has received no new cases of polio in India over the last three years. Hence 80… Read More.

Forbidden city to limit tourism

A week after Michelle Obama's tour to the Forbidden City in Beijing, China announced that the city will limit tourism… Read More.

Colleges should stop asking alums for money

Alexander Aciman ended up donating $25 to his college at the end of senior year. However he didn't realize that… Read More.

6M people signed up for ObamaCare

The deadline for the ObamaCare enrollment is March 31 and reports suggest that the website has already reached its goal… Read More.

Teen goes shopping after massive bank error

A teen is in trouble after he tried to spend every last penny when his bank mistakenly deposited $31k into… Read More.

Syracuse guard to enter NBA draft

Syracuse freshman point guard Tyler Ennis is expected to declare for the NBA draft. His mother mentioned to USA TODAY… Read More.

Louisville coach won't dress like a chicken

Rick Pitino won't dress like a chicken and anyone who has seen his designer suit is aware of that.  Earlier… Read More.

Top Russians abandon iPad

Russian government officials mentioned that they've stopped using their iPads after facing some security concerns.  Minister Nikolai Nikiforov said "American… Read More.

Apple plans to stream videos for free

Netflix and YouTube should be warned that Amazon is planning on rising as a multimedia power player by streaming video… Read More.

Make-a-Wish girl's meeting with Cyrus doesn't go well

A 7-year-old girl who got the chance to meet Miley Cyrus through Make-a-Wish foundation had a memorable experience but not… Read More.

Trace Adkin's wife files for divorce

Trace Adkin's wife seems to have not been able to handle her husband's cruise ship bar brawl. Reports suggest that… Read More.