What Happened on 28 June 2014

Clinton book faces ban

People in China won't be able to read Hillary Clinton's 'Hard Choices.' Reports suggest that the book has been criticized… Read More.

FDA allows the ReWalk system

The FDA has approved of the ReWalk system, which allows paralyzed people to be able to walk on their own.… Read More.

Teens are using Facebook more

A recent survey shows that teens have begun using Facebook more and about eight out of 10 of them said… Read More.

Runner competes while being 34 weeks pregnant

National champion Alysia Montano is now 34 weeks pregnant but that didn't stop her from running. Reports suggest that she… Read More.

iPhone 5 prices cut in Wal-Mart

Wal-Mart is tempting iPhone users to upgrade their phones by lowering prices of its 5s and 5c devices from $149… Read More.

Transformers 4 gets bad reviews

Critics think that the Transformers franchise should have not reached its fourth movie. Transformers: Age of Extinction only got the… Read More.