What Happened on 28 January 2016

Man arrested for carrying two guns at Disneyland Paris

The French police have arrested a 28-year-old man with two guns at the Disneyland Paris. As per… Read More.

Zika virus: WHO sets up emergency team

Following the explosive spread of the Zika virus, the WHO has set up an emergency team. According to reports, thousands… Read More.

Seven Hamas fighters die in tunnel collapse

At least seven Hamas fighters were killed when an attack tunnel they were working on collapsed after heavy rain, the… Read More.

Hassan Rouhani hails new chapter in French-Iranian ties

During Hassan Rouhani’s visit to France to discuss trade relations, the Iranian President has hailed a new… Read More.

Dutch plan to send back migrant ferry to Turkey

Under a Dutch plan that is aimed at solving the migrant crisis, refugees and migrants who are coming to the… Read More.