What Happened on 28 August 2013

Russia wants to ban gays from donating blood

A senior lawmaker in Russia is looking to bring back the ban on gay people from donating blood. According to… Read More.

Kidnappers in China were generous to hostage

According to the police in China, two men who kidnapped an 11-year old have been arrested. The two kidnappers took… Read More.

McCain blames Obama for chemical attack in Syria

Latest Updates - US Attacks Syria John McCain who is visiting North Korea has blamed Obama for the alleged… Read More.

Madonna is the highest-earning celeb despite flop album

Despite the fact that Madonna's latest album sold less than one million copies, she managed to make it to the… Read More.

Starbucks to open in Colombia

Starbucks has been exporting coffee beans from Colombia since 42 years and is now planning on selling the product in… Read More.

Nissan to sell automated cars in 2020

The future could be closer than ever with Nissan's recent claim of being able to "bring multiple, affordable, energy-efficient, fully… Read More.

Anti-doping lab loses license

Rio de Janeiro's anti-doping license has been revoked by the World Anti-Doping industry. The license was supposed to handle samples… Read More.

Soccer Team won't stop sacrificing sheep

The Scotland SPCA said it is "currently seeking assurance from Celtic Park that no sheep will be allowed on the… Read More.

Drones to start targeting mosquitoes

The drone target list now includes mosquitoes. The drones are not supposed to spray the bugs but instead pinpoint the… Read More.

Ohio using facial recognition technology secretly

Ohio has been using facial recognition technology for nearly three months without informing the residents of the state. The technology… Read More.

Bryan Cranston to be next Lex Luthor

A recent report from Cosmic Book News suggests that Bryan Cranston is supposed to be Lex Luthor. The Breaking Bad… Read More.

Alec Baldwin gets into another fight with photographer

The "30 Rock" star, Alec Baldwin got into a fight with a photographer in Manhattan and the police responded to… Read More.