What Happened on 27 October 2013

Asia's largest gay pride parade hosted in Taiwan

Tens of thousands of people marched at Taipei's annual gay pride parade, which is the largest one in Asia.  Over… Read More.

Iceland is the best country for women

Iceland is reportedly the best country in terms of gender equality.  The World Economic Forum has put it at the… Read More.

McDonald's not tied to Heinz ketchup anymore

McDonald's has cut ties with Heinz after 40 years so nobody eating at the fast-food restaurant will be dipping their… Read More.

Brett Favre claims he had a loss of memory

Rumors say that the St. Louis Rams were planning on luring Brett Favre into playing QB once again.  According to… Read More.

Google is testing banner ads

Google mentioned in a 2005 blog post that there won't be any banner ads on its homepage and neither would… Read More.

Voice of The Simpsons' character dead at 70

The voice of Mrs. Krabappel on The Simpsons died at the age of 70.  Marcia Wallace won an Emmy award… Read More.