What Happened on 27 March 2016

Syrian forces reclaim Palmyra

Syrian government forces have retaken the ancient city of Palmyra from Islamic State in the battle that lasted 3 days.… Read More.

Three more suspect arrested in Brussels

The suicide bombings at the Brussels Airport and city subway station on 22nd march has left 31 dead and more… Read More.

North Korea threatens to attack Seoul

North Korea has threatened that it would attack Seoul’s presidential palace unless South Korean president park Gun-Hye apologises for treason… Read More.

Medical helicopter crashes killing four in Albama

In a tragic incident in Albama, a medical services helicopter crashed killing all the four people on board including the… Read More.

Pakistan ignores US calls for reducing nuke

Pakistani nuclear security authorities have rejected the growing pressure of U.S on Pakistan about production and deployment of battlefield nuclear… Read More.