What Happened on 27 March 2014

Russian President Signs Agreement, Crimea now a Part of Russia

As per reports, Russian President Read More.

Potential objects found during jet search

The search for debris in case of the missing Malaysia Airlines flight may have gotten complicated since the objects seen… Read More.

Part of Spain wants to illegally break off

Autonomous community Catalonia is located in northeastern Spain and reports suggest that its presidents wants it to be its own… Read More.

Guinea bans bat eating after Ebola outbreak

Bats are enjoyed by people in Guinea but the West African nation is now taking them off the menu since… Read More.

Going to the movies may soon become cheaper

Watching movies on the big screen is expensive but reports suggest that it could become an affordable option. The US… Read More.

Four Loko to stop marketing on campus

The makers of Four Loko have decided on new marketing rules due to the controversy regarding the combination of caffeine… Read More.

There's an airbag issue in relation to Nissans

Nissan is reportedly recalling one million of its vehicles manufactured in 2013 and 2014. The issue seems to be related… Read More.

Metal removed from Denny Hamlin's eye

Denny Hamlin has been allowed to race after facing vision issues this weekend. The racer was initially diagnosed with a… Read More.

Derek Jeter is one of the most powerful leaders

CNN's FORTUNE Magazine has listed Derek Jeter as being a better leader than Barack Obama. The five-time World Series Champion… Read More.

Facebook buys virtual reality pioneer for $2B

Mark Zuckerberg is quite excited about buying virtual-reality headset maker Oculus for $2B.  "After games we're going to make Oculus… Read More.

Google Glass is soon getting a makeover

The makers of Ray-Ban and Oakley frames are about to make Google Glass more stylish and less geeky.  Google is… Read More.

Madonna to direct her third film

Madonna is expected to direct her third movie, which will be adapted from a novel entitled 'Ade: A Love Story.'… Read More.

Robin Thicke is best friends with ex

Robin Thicke is not on bad terms with his ex since they're both "trying to find a happier place with… Read More.