What Happened on 27 June 2016

Yellow Alert Issued for Rainstorms in China

Yellow alert has been issued by the meteorological authority on Monday in China. Heavy rain is expected in the coming… Read More.

Singapore Airlines Plane Catches Fire

Singapore Airlines plane, which departed for Milan at 02:05 local time on Monday had to opt for an emergency landing… Read More.

Twenty-five Children Killed in Airstrikes in Syria

June 27, 2016: Airstrikes hit the eastern part of the Syrian province of Deir Ezzor, killing twenty-five children. Health workers… Read More.

Suicide Attack Killed At least 5 at Village near Syria Border

Latest Updates - US Attacks Syria Three suicide bombers killed at least five people, injuring thirteen others at a… Read More.

Violence Leaves Ten Injured at California Rally

Violence between two groups, white supremacist group and counter protesters, broke out on Sunday in California. Nine men and one… Read More.

Lionel Messi Announces Retirement from International Football

June 27, 2016: After Argentina lost its match with Chile in Copa America final, Lionel Messi announced his retirement from… Read More.