What Happened on 27 June 2014

Missing jet may have been on autopilot

Authorities can't be sure as to whether or not Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 will be found. However, it appears that… Read More.

We may never be able to cure cancer

A new study suggests that it may be time to stop expecting a lot when it comes to cancer. "Cancer… Read More.

Lotto ticket winners sue New Jersey Lottery after throwing ticket

Two New York men ended up throwing their lottery ticket that was worth $1M. Media reports indicate that Erik Onyango… Read More.

FIFA bans Luis Suarez

FIFA officials have banned Luis Suarez after his recent high-profile bite. The star was handed a four-month ban and has… Read More.

Facebook workforce is mostly white and male

The workforce and management team of Facebook is mostly comprised of males and white people.  The company's first diversity report… Read More.

Liam Neeson's nephew suffers head injury

Liam Neeson's wife suffered a serious head injury five years ago and media reports that the man is going through… Read More.