What Happened on 27 January 2014

Tourist ferry in India kills 21

A boat carrying tourists in the Andaman Sea capsized and killed 21 people.  The top administrator mentioned that 13 of… Read More.

Birds attack as the pope calls for peace

A nice moment turned out to be an unpleasant one when two kids released two doves in the name of… Read More.

Protestor leader killed in Thailand

An anti-government protest leader was killed when a voting station was blacked in Bangkok. Reports suggest that Suthin Thararin was… Read More.

'Second-class' professors ask for better wages

Tenured professors enjoy good job security and receive fix-figure pay checks. However, adjunct professors could be paid less in case… Read More.

Credit cards can't buy you everything in the world

You may want to hold on to your cash since plastic can't buy you several things and experiences in life. … Read More.

Snowden claims that NSA is involved in industrial espionage

Former NSA contractor Edward Snowden, who is currently said to be staying in Russia, claimed that the agency engages in… Read More.

Rolex teammates relieved as driver awaits surgery

Teammates were concerned about injured drivers Memo Gidley and Matteo Malucelli but were also relieved since the news could have… Read More.

Earl Thomas to bring his barber to the Super Bowl

Seahawks safety Earl Thomas will be given a fresh haircut for the Super Bowl by his good friend and barber,… Read More.

23-year-old beats Bill Gates at chess

Being the richest man in the world doesn't have to mean that you're the best at chess as well. It… Read More.

'Machete' actually hates to text

The macho Machete mentioned in a film that "Machete don't text" and it looks like the fact is true for… Read More.

Not all celebrities wanted fame prior to acting careers

Many celebrities planned on pursuing other career options while growing up. The Huffington Post put together several names including that… Read More.

Lorde wins two Grammy awards

Lorde is now the youngest star to have won both song of the year as well as best pop solo… Read More.