What Happened on 27 February 2016

US and Russia agree ceasefire across Syria

In a major development in the Syria crisis, world superpowers Russia and the United States agreed to broker a ceasefire… Read More.

Iran elections: Votes being counted

Votes are being counted in Iran's elections. Media reports quoted the Interior Ministry as saying that it had counted 25… Read More.

Afghan peace talks ahead as Pakistan approaches Taliban

All the factions of Taliban and other groups have been approached by Pakistan to initiate direct peace talks with the… Read More.

Blasts in Mogadishu, 12 killed

A series of blasts in a popular park named ‘peace garden’ and a hotel near the Somali presidential palace resulted… Read More.

Facebook launches Canvas to tap advertisers across the globe

Facebook, on Friday, launched its much-awaited mobile ad feature called ‘Canvas’, to attract the interest of advertisers from across the… Read More.

Apple announces a 4-inch iPhone

Apple Inc. will be unveiling a new 4-inch handset namely iPhone SE or the ‘mini iPhone’ on March 15. This… Read More.