What Happened on 27 December 2013

American al-Qaeda hostage accuses U.S. of abandoning him

Not much has been heard of the U.S. government worker named Warren Weinstein after al-Qaeda released a video of the… Read More.

Female journalist beaten after publishing report

A female journalist in Ukraine was battered after she published a report regarding the interior minister. The 34-year-old Tetyana Chornovil… Read More.

Piranhas attack 70 in Argentina

Piranhas attacked 70 people including seven children in Argentina, which resulted in many literally having their flesh torn off.  Reports… Read More.

Newark security systems missed guy crossing runways

The Perimeter Intrusion Detection System at Newark Airport, which costs over $300M, couldn't catch a cross-dressing man climbing over the… Read More.

McDonald's shuts its employee resource website

McDonald's recently shut its much talked about employee resource website after attracting bad press due to the advice it handed… Read More.

Hundreds pay for other people's Starbucks drinks

About 450 customers at Starbucks paid for the orders of those in the vehicle behind them on Christmas.  The "surprise"… Read More.

Ex-coach Bobby Bowden's grandson killed in car crash

Grandson of the former Florida State football coach died when his car flipped into a ditch in Florida.  Reports suggest… Read More.

QB Kitna to play for the Cowboys on Sunday

A math teacher in Washington will be playing for the Cowboys this weekend and won't make any money off his… Read More.

Transmitters on sharks can help you avoid them

It's become even harder for sharks to get to people nowadays. Reports suggest that scientists in Australia have attached transmitters… Read More.

Target breach proves that it's time for chip cards

The recent Target breach that affected 40 million in-store customers proves that it's time to start using microchip-based cards instead… Read More.

New DiCaprio movie gets solid reviews

"The Wolf of Wall Street" starring the Leonardo DiCaprio is bagging some good reviews by critics and fans.  Richard Brody… Read More.

Tori Spelling's husband cheated on her

US Weekly has revealed that Tori Spelling didn't only have financial troubles but emotional ones as well.  The magazine's new… Read More.