What Happened on 27 April 2014

5 NATO troops die in helicopter crash

Five NATO troops lost their lives in a helicopter crash in southern Afghanistan.  The US-led military coalition mentioned that investigations… Read More.

Airline workers held hostage over missing jet

There was a hostage crisis when Chinese family members didn't let airline workers leave a hotel in Beijing. About 10… Read More.

Restaurant throws out no garbage in 2 years

Justin Vrany's Chicago restaurant has barely tossed any garbage in two years. In fact, he mentioned that the restaurant only… Read More.

Player fined for spearing opponent

The NFL has been facing several issues regarding players spearing their opponents. Reports suggest that star Corey Perry is the… Read More.

An economics book is Amazon's top seller

'Capital in the Twenty-First Century' written by Thomas Piketty is not a quick read but is definitely flying off the… Read More.

Danica McKeller gets injured while practicing for DWTS

We've past the midway point on 'Dancing with the Stars,' which airs on ABC but reports suggest that another celebrity… Read More.