What Happened on 26 September 2017

Wildfire breaks out in Northern California

Two wildfires broke out in Northern California on Saturday destroying houses and other structures. Media reports quoted fire officials… Read More.

California Wildfire Map
Small scale explosion at Tower Hill station in London

A small scale explosion was reported in a bag on the London Underground at the Tower Hill station in… Read More.

London Underground Map
Iraq's Kurdish region votes in controversial independence referendum

Amidst opposition from international and regional powerful forces, Iraq's Kurdish region voted in the controversial independence referendum on Monday.… Read More.

Iraq Map
Japanese Prime Minister calls for snap elections

In order to seek advantage of higher opinion polls and to garner strong votes, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has… Read More.

Japan Map
North Korea's foreign minister accuses the US of declaring war

North Korean foreign minister accused the US President Donald Trump of declaring war on North Korea. Ri Yong… Read More.

North Korea Map