What Happened on 26 September 2015

US: John Boehner to step down as Speaker

John Boehner has announced his decision to step down as Speaker by the end of next month. He will also… Read More.

Ukraine bans Russian airlines from flying into country

Ukraine says it will bar Russian airlines from flying into its territory as a reaction to Russia’s continuing support to… Read More.

First arrested suspect is Bangkok bomber, say Thai police

Police in Thailand say the first person arrested during the probe into the Bangkok bombing was the… Read More.

Hajj tragedy: Iran blames Saudi 'mismanagement'

Iran has alleged that “mismanagement” by Saudi Arabia led to the deaths of 717 pilgrims in the deadly stampede during… Read More.

Mass at Madison Square: Care for the 'less fortunate', urges Pope

Pope Francis celebrated mass at New York City’s famous Madison Square Garden, attended by around… Read More.

Switzerland bans sale of Volkswagen models

Switzerland has temporarily halted the sale of diesel-engine models of Volkswagen (VW) that could have devices with… Read More.