What Happened on 26 September 2013

Kenya mall attack was thoroughly planned

Some of the gunmen involved in attacking Kenya's Westgate Mall reportedly used G3 assault rifles, which… Read More.

New island rises after strong quake in Pakistan

The 7.7. magnitude earthquake in Pakistan, which killed over 200 people also resulted in giving the residents of the country… Read More.

Assad's chemical weapons list is thorough

Bashar al-Assad recently handed over a document to the international community, containing the locations of "dozens" of chemical weapons sites. … Read More.

279-year-old newspaper goes digital

The 279-year old newspaper, Lloyd's List,  will be available online by the end of this year. Its last print publication… Read More.

USPS will charge 3 more cents to mail your letter

The US Postal service announced today that it's planning on raising the price of stamps to 49 cents, which is… Read More.

Amazon unveils thinner and faster Kindles

A pair of new tablets unveiled by Amazon today could lead the company to have a healthy competition with Apple… Read More.

Internet reacts over pregnant weight lifter

Lea-Ann Ellison, an expectant mom as well as a CrossFit follower, is receiving Internet criticism over the photos that show… Read More.

Woman rows across Pacific alone

It took Sarah Outen 150 days and exhaustion-induced hallucinations to row amongst storms and close encounters with cargo ships and… Read More.

Hawking: Life after death is possible

Steven Hawking, who owns one of the world's finest brains, said it is possible to have a mind running without… Read More.

California passes celebrity privacy law

New laws passed in California this week mean that young adults would be able to enjoy more privacy, especially if… Read More.

Miley Cyrus raps in new video

Miley Cyrus displays her rap skills in Mike Will's new video.  Produced by Mike WiLL Made, the video also features… Read More.

Lamar Odom tweets that he is going to a "dark time"

Lamar Odom has broken his silence for the first time since he was arrested and charged for driving under the… Read More.