What Happened on 26 November 2013

Officials and residents didn't know Haiyan's danger level

Reports suggest that officials in Tacloban and Manila failed to communicate the real danger of Typhoon Haiyan.  The interior secretary… Read More.

Dog rescued from "Big Hole"

There's some good news today: A pooch, nicknamed "Underdog," was saved in a big rescue operation after he got stuck… Read More.

Pope Francis hosts Vladimir Putin

Pope Francis tried to melt the heart of Russian president Vladimir Putin and took his first real step into global… Read More.

Stay home to fix the 'black thursday' problem

The outrage on Facebook and all the petitions online prove that Americans are not happy about… Read More.

Amazon workers suffer mental illness

It's a good time of the year for Amazon, which would be hiring about 70,000 workers this season.  An undercover… Read More.

Airfares have jumped significantly since '05

If you feel like you're paying a lot for plane tickets nowadays, you're right.  Recent analysis by USA Today indicated… Read More.

Demystifying football is essential to saving it

Although Americans love football, they don't want to enjoy a game, which is brutal to the players physically and mentally. … Read More.

Raiders fan saves woman who jumped from stadium

A man broke the fall of a woman who jumped from the third floor to the second-floor concourse of the Oakland… Read More.

Katie Couric to join Yahoo

Hollywood Reporter Katie Couric revealed that she's about to leave ABC to join Yahoo.  Reports suggest that she was personally… Read More.

Buy your ticket to space with bitcoins

It's only appropriate that you buy your flight tickets to outer space with cyberspace currency.  According to Virgin Galactic founder… Read More.

Taylor Swift wins big once again

Taylor Swift's fans voted her artist of the year at the American Music Awards once again, making her win big… Read More.

Hunger Games beat Thor at box office

The Hunger Games made a massive $161.1M this weekend and thumped Thor:The Dark World.  The film managed to open the… Read More.