What Happened on 26 March 2016

US planning to increase troops in Iraq

Following the air strikes which targeted the key figures of ISIS, the Pentagon intends to increase the number of troops… Read More.

South Korea activists launch anti-Pyongyang leaflets

The activists in South Korea launched thousands of anti-Pyongyang leaflets using giant gas balloons. This exercise of launching leaflets has… Read More.

Road accident leads to death of 12 Portuguese in central France

In a tragic accident on the Centre Europe Atlantic Road which connects east and the west France twelve Portuguese travelers… Read More.

22 dead in suicide bombings in Yemen: ISIS claims responsibility

At least 22 people were killed, including 10 civilians, in three suicide bombings that hit checkpoints of Yemeni loyalist force… Read More.

Serbia accuses UN of selective justice

The war crimes tribunal of UN has been accused of selective justice over war crimes by Serbian authorities. The charge… Read More.