What Happened on 26 July 2013

Man's remains in Dublin house for 4 years: Police

A dead man's badly decomposed remains have been recovered from a house in Dublin. He is said to have probably… Read More.

Ohio kidnapper offered a plea deal

The prosecution has reportedly offered a plea deal to the man who allegedly held three women hostages for a decade… Read More.

A rare stomach bug sickens 285 people

 An outbreak of a rare stomach bug has sicken at least 265 people and has hospitalized 10 others.… Read More.

More mobile advertising drawn by Facebook

Facebook said its mobile advertising went from virtually nothing to 41 percent of its total ad revenue in the second… Read More.

Hackers steal 160 million credit card numbers

Five men have been charged with stealing 160 million credit card numbers over the span of seven years. This incident… Read More.

United Express flight makes emergency landing

A plane on its way to Pittsburgh made an emergency landing at Newark International Airport Thursday morning. This happened a… Read More.

Olympian judoka Lourembam Brojeshori Devi dies

32-year-old Olympian judoka Lourembam Brojeshori Devi who represented India in the 2000 Sydney Olympics and in the 2002 Asian Games… Read More.

Ex-pro wrestler arrested for fatal Florida stabbing

A former professional wrestler, Brian McGee who's Facebook page showed a photo of a bloody body part on Wednesday is… Read More.

Google's Chromecast connects every TV in the house

Over 200 billion videos that are being watched every month in North America are on computing devices instead of televisions. … Read More.

97-year-old 'pixel paniter' created digital masterpiece

A 97-year-old man who served during WWII, is now making masterpieces exclusively using Microsoft Paint on Windows '95.  Also referred… Read More.

Heidi Klum poses topless for her mother

Heidi Klum isn't afraid to pose partially nude in front of the camera, especially since her mother has been taking… Read More.

Roman Polanski rape victim releasing book

The woman who was raped back in 1977 by Roman Polanski is now breaking her 35 year silence by releasing… Read More.