What Happened on 26 January 2016

Malaysian PM cleared of corruption charges over Saudi gift

Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak was cleared by Attorney General Mohamed Apandi Ali in relation to a gift from the… Read More.

US Treasury Secretary sparks row by calling Russian President corrupt

US Treasury Secretary (acting), Adam Szubin, accused Russian President Vladimir Putin of being corrupt. A CIA report from 2007 had… Read More.

EU on the verge of tightening the Schengen scheme

EU is contemplating a suspension of its Schengen scheme raising serious question marks over future of the 26 country wide… Read More.

Boko Haram blamed for suicide attacks in Cameroon killing 35

Suicide bombings in the Cameroonian border town of Bodo killed at least 35 and injured another 65, as per reports.… Read More.

Apple's iconic iPhone series set for slowest ever sales growth

After posting successive terms of double digit growth, the iconic iPhone is speculated to post a meager 1% growth in… Read More.

Facebook launches an interactive 'Sports Stadium' feature

Facebook has launched an interactive ‘Sports Stadium’ feature wherein one can experience real-time sporting events in company of one’s friends… Read More.