What Happened on 26 December 2013

37 killed in Baghdad bomb attacks

Iraqi militants targeted Christians in Baghdad and killed at least 37 people in two bomb attacks.  According to a police… Read More.

Egypt declares Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist organization

Egypt's interim government has declared that the Muslim Brotherhood is a terrorist organization. According to the… Read More.

USPS gets a hike in rate

Given that the USPS lost $5M in the last fiscal year, it got its rate increased by three cents. The… Read More.

ESPN hurt Roy Hibbert's feelings

The Indiana Pacers' Roy Hibbert said he was hurt after seeing Ian Mahinmi's photo on ESPN's website. The player's feelings… Read More.

Digital librarians know when you don't finish reading a book

If you pick up an e-book and finish reading it, you are among the 1 percent readers who make it.… Read More.

A&E gifts 'Duck Dynasty' marathon to fans

Those who love Phil Robertson can sit on their couches for the rest of the day and watch 25 episodes… Read More.