What Happened on 26 August 2016

Syria Barrel Bomb Attack Killed 15 People

As per the reports from a monitoring group, two deadly barrel bomb attacks killed at least 15 people in the… Read More.

Deal Allows Rebels and Civilians to Leave Darayya

A deal which was under government seige since 2012, has finally reached to enable the rebel fighters as well as… Read More.

Car Bomb Blast Hits a Police Building in Cizre

At least eight policemen have been killed in a large car bomb blast outside a police… Read More.

Striking Miners Killed Bolivia Minister

The deputy interior minister of Bolivia was abducted and then killed by the protesting miners. According to an official, Rodolfo… Read More.

Crossbow Kills Three in Canada

Three people were killed by crossbow in Toronto on Thursday. Police are investigating a package, which is being linked to… Read More.

Lochte Charged by Brazil Police Over Robbery Claim

US swimmer Ryan Lochte has been charged by Brazil police for his claim of being robbed at gunpoint during the… Read More.