What Happened on 26 April 2017

Venezuela to Quit OAS Regional Bloc

As per reports, Venezuela on Wednesday mentioned that it is going to quit the Organization of American States regional… Read More.

China Launches New Aircraft Carrier

As a sign of its growth of military strength, China has reportedly launched a new aircraft carrier. Though the… Read More.

Kurdish Militants Killed in Northern Iraq by Turkish Warplanes

As per reports, Turkish warplanes killed six Kurdish militants in northern Iraq on Wednesday. Striking the Kurdish militant targets… Read More.

US to Tighten Sanctions on North Korea and Step up Diplomatic Moves

As per reports, the US is going to tighten sanctions on North Korea and step up diplomatic moves which… Read More.

Trumps' Proposal for Tax Cut, Biggest in US History

As per reports, staying true to his electoral campaign promises, US President Donald Trump announced through Treasury Secretary Mnuchkina… Read More.

Trump Plans to Call for Large Increase in Tax Deductions

As per reports, US President Donald Trump on Wednesday is planning to call for an increase in the standard… Read More.

Real Madrid Defeats Deportivo, Keeps Pace with Barcelona at La Liga

FC Real Madrid defeated Deportivo by 6-2 at Estadio Municipal de Riazor, Galicia, Spain on Wednesday, maintaining its position… Read More.

'Silence of the Lamb' Director, Jonathan Demme, Dies at 73

As per reports, 73-year-old director, Jonathan Demme passed away on Wednesday morning in his Manhattan Apartment in New York.… Read More.