What Happened on 25 June 2014

The story of the night Flight 370 went missing

Malaysia Airlines' commercial boss didn't sleep for 48 hours after Flight 370 went missing and kept trying to desperately locate… Read More.

Pesticides are bad for the world food supply

It appears that pesticides are putting the world's food supply in danger along with killing bees. A recent study reveals… Read More.

Fast food has a new trend

Customers think that healthy food cannot be tasty, so it appears that restaurants have to secretly improve the healthiness of… Read More.

World Cup star bites rival

Uruguay beat Italy, but more attention is being given to Uruguay's Luis Suarez biting the shoulder of Italian player Giorgio… Read More.

Amazon's music service exceeds expectations

Amazon's new service Prime Music is doing better than previously expected. The company mentioned that millions of songs have already… Read More.

Joan Lunden has breast cancer

Joan Lunden announced on Good Morning America that she is suffering from breast cancer. The 63-year-old co-hosted the show along… Read More.