What Happened on 25 February 2014

4.4B-year-old crystals found on Earth

When scientists found tiny crystals in Australia, which they said were 4.4B years old, there was a lot of skepticism… Read More.

Leopard frightens Indians in hospital

Patients admitted in a hospital in India got frightened when a leopard showed up in the city of Meerut and… Read More.

Anti-Gay bill signed in Uganda

Uganda's president signed an anti-gay bill, holding penalties for homosexual sex. Yoweri Museveni said the bill is necessary since the… Read More.

How to react to the threat of climate change?

Barry Ritholtz of Bloomberg argues that the best way to react to the threat of climate change is by taking… Read More.

McDonald's may extend its breakfast hours

McDonald's is in the early stages of deciding as to whether or not it will extend its hours for breakfast. … Read More.

WhatsApp service to add voice

It's only been a few days since Facebook purchased WhatsApp and things have already begun to change.  Reports suggest that… Read More.

Rob Ford walks into hydrant

Rob Ford has reminded us to watch where we walk. He was recently caught on camera as he walked groin-first… Read More.

Running back quits NFL because God told him to

Former San Diego State running back Adam Muema called it quits only a few days after the NFL Scouting Combine.… Read More.

Robots will be smarter than people by 2029

Google's director of engineering Ray Kurzweil's words will probably scare you: He said computers are likely to be more intelligent… Read More.

CamMe app may assist you with selfies

Selfies usually mean capturing a shot at an arm's length but CamMe smartphone app could serve as your smartphone's camera… Read More.

Robin Thicke separating from wife

Robin Thicke is definitely not having a pleasant week since reports suggesting the separation with his wife are floating around. … Read More.

Natasha's death is still unreal for Liam Neeson

Liam Neeson spoke about his late wife Natasha Richardson on '60 Minutes' and told Anderson Cooper that he still can't… Read More.