What Happened on 25 August 2013

Pakistan releases 337 Indian prisoners

Pakistan released 337 Indian prisoners, most of which were fisherman, in an attempt to improve ties with India.  However, this… Read More.

355 dead in Syria

Latest Updates - US Attacks Syria The Syrian government is arguing over the usage of chemical weapons and the… Read More.

Steve Ballmer sells island house

Steve Ballmer is selling his modest beach house measuring just 1,144 square feet. The soon to retire Microsoft CEO's net… Read More.

Mike Tyson reveals his addiction

Although it might look like Mike Tyson is doing well, he has lost more than 100 pounds and is still… Read More.

Another rumored iPhone photo appears on the net

As the rumored date of Apple's release of the cheaper iPhone comes closer, the Internet continues to show photos of… Read More.

Breaking bad actress hated in real life

Actress Anna Gunn of 'Breaking Bad' had no idea that people would dislike her character to an extent where they… Read More.