What Happened on 25 April 2014

Ferry survivor search finds two bodies tied together

Bodies continue to be recovered from the ferry that sank in South Korea and a diver recently found the dead… Read More.

Russia to ban swearing in films

Russia has taken a stand against several things and the most recent one is swearing in movies. The country's parliament… Read More.

Pro-Russia gunmen released US journalist

American journalist Simon Ostrovsky, who was captured in Ukraine this week, has now been released.  Reports suggest that he is… Read More.

Obama should start paying his interns

President Obama is increasing the minimum wage for several federal employees but the Washington Post notes that he still doesn't… Read More.

No Mountain Dew for kids before tests

A grandmother complained after she found out that kids at an elementary school in Florida were being given some Mountain… Read More.

Tech titans to prevent new Heartbleed

Tech giants obviously don't want to go through another Heartbleed so they're spending money to ensure that they don't have… Read More.

Yankee pitcher ejected due to pine tar

Yankees pitcher Michael Pineda threw with pine tar on his hand earlier this month. Although, it's illegal, players don't make… Read More.

Jason Collins on the cover of 'Most Influential People' issue

Jason Collins features on the cover of this year's 'Most Influential People' issue by Time.  A short writeup by fellow… Read More.

Education helps with brain injury recovery

College degrees may benefit you when it comes to recovering from traumatic brain injury. A recent study involving 769 adults… Read More.

FCC to allow fast lanes for the Internet

It appears that the Federal Communications Commission is all set to kill "net neutrality" by allowing some preferred customers to… Read More.

Olivia Wilde delivers a baby boy

Jason Sudeikis and Olivia Wilde welcomed their new baby boy with quite a traditional name, as per Hollywood standards.  "Ladies… Read More.

Meg Ryan to narrate How I Met Your Mother spinoff

It appears that Meg Ryan is all set to narrate the 'How I Met Your Mother' spin-off entitled, 'How I… Read More.