What Happened on 24 May 2017

Police Interogate Manchester Bomber's Network

As per reports, after making arrests on Wednesday, a terror network associated with the former university student, who was behind the… Read More.

ISIS-linked Militants Killed at least 21 in Philippines City

As per reports, militants linked with ISIS beheaded a police chief, burnt buildings, seized a Roman Catholic priest as well… Read More.

Location Map of Attack in Philippines
3 Officers Killed in Suicide Bombing at Jakarta Bus Station

As per reports, police said suicide bombers on Wednesday killed three officers and wounded five other officers and five civilians… Read More.

Location Map of Deadly Explosions Rock Bus Terminal in Jakarta Indonesia
Around 34 Migrants Drowned off Libya

As per reports, rescuers mentioned that around 34 migrants, most of them toddlers, drowned off the coast of LibyaRead More.

Taiwan Court Supports Same-sex Marriage

As per reports, Taiwan became the first country in Asia to declare that same-sex couples have the right to… Read More.

Manchester Bomber had Links with Islamic State

As per reports, the suicide bomber who killed 22 people and injured many at a concert in Manchester has… Read More.

Trump and Pope Francis Hold their First Face-to-Face Talks at Vatican

As per reports, US President Donald Trump and Pope Francis met in Vatican City on Wednesday for a short… Read More.

Martial Law Declared on Mindanao Island, Philippines

As per reports, martial law has been declared by Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte for 60 days on the island… Read More.

Moody's Downgrades China's Credit Ratings

As per reports, China's credit ratings were downgraded Moody's Investors Service on Wednesday. It expects the financial strength of… Read More.

Europa League: Manchester United Beat Ajax

As per reports, Manchester United beat Ajax in Stockholm on Wednesday to win the Europa League final. As the… Read More.