What Happened on 24 May 2014

Darth Vader to run for mayor

A candidate named Darth Vader is reportedly running for mayor in Odessa and Kiev and Bloomberg reports that his videos… Read More.

Bystander saves a falling baby

A one-year-old baby was probably looking for his mother when he climbed onto a window on the second floor. The… Read More.

Dodge gets ignition complaints

It appears that GM is not the only one facing ignition issues since there have been similar complaints regarding some… Read More.

Sterling to let his wife sell the team

Donald Sterling has agreed to the idea of letting his wife sell the LA Clippers but media reports suggest that… Read More.

Hotel guest sued for posting negative review

A guest who claimed that the owner at the Ashley Inn in Lincoln, Oregon, smoked weed and that the person… Read More.

Critics approve of the latest X-Men

'X-Men: Days of Future Past' has managed to impress critics, who have given the film a 93 percent rating.  "Ambitious,… Read More.