What Happened on 24 July 2015

North Korea: Kim Jong-un's sister made propaganda chief

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un’s younger sister Kim Yo-jong has reportedly been given charge of maintaining and developing his cult… Read More.

President Obama calls for UK to remain part of EU

US president Barack Obama has called for Britain to stay in the EU, warning that it would lose influence if… Read More.

Dozens of African migrants drown near Libyan coast

An estimated 40 migrants drowned when their boat sank near the Libyan coast, reports say. Over 120 African migrants were… Read More.

3 Dead, 7 Injured in Lafayette, Louisiana Movie Theater Shooting

Gunman Opens Fire in Lousiana, Three Dead

A man opened fire in a movie theatre in… Read More.

Japan's national debt 'unsustainable under current policies': IMF

The IMF has warned that by 2030 Japan’s debt will become triple the size of its economy — if the… Read More.

Undersea tunnel project connecting Denmark and Germany gets EU approval

The EU has given its approval to a 12-mile undersea tunnel that will slash the journey time from Denmark to… Read More.

Pearson sells Financial Times to Nikkei for £844m

Pearson has announced that it selling the prestigious Financial Times Group to Japan’s business media giant Nikkei in a £844… Read More.

Online retail giant Amazon posts profit, beating expectations

Beating expectations, online retailer Amazon has posted a $92 million profit in the second quarter compared to the loss of… Read More.

Starbucks posts 'most remarkable' third quarter figures

The global quarterly sales of coffee chain Starbucks have risen by 18% to $4.9 billion in the three months to… Read More.

North Korea arms links: US blacklists Singapore-based shipping firm

Senat Shipping, a firm based in Singapore, has been blacklisted by the US following allegations that it… Read More.

HP tests reveal security loopholes in smartwatches

All popular smartwatches have security glitches, technology company Hewlett-Packard (HP) has said. The US firm tested ten top smartwatches for… Read More.