What Happened on 24 July 2013

Burma to release 73 political prisoners

As Burma's president promised in Europe, he is releasing as many as 73 political prisoners today in addition to hundreds… Read More.

61 tons of silver recovered from a shipwreck

Florida based Odyssey Marine Exploration company has recovered a huge amount of hidden treasure from a British cargo ship, the SS… Read More.

Japanese train passengers help to free woman

Dozens of train passengers in Japan helped to free a woman stuck into the gap between the train and platform… Read More.

61 percent of Americans work during vacation

According to a new survey, 61 percent of Americans work during their holidays and a third of the respondents are… Read More.

Beer sales go down as taxes increase

Beer sales decline in the U.S. due to the tax hike and increase in the unemployment rate among consumers. The… Read More.

Target gives Amazon competition

Target and other retailers have a word, "Showrooming" for when customers visit a store to just look at the product… Read More.

Argentina's Matino to coach Barcelona

Gerardo Martino is expected to sign a two-year deal to coach Barcelona team, which is led by Lionel Messi.  The… Read More.

Formula 1 to return to Austria

The Austrian Grand Prix is supposed to return to the Formula 1 calendar for the first time after 11 years.… Read More.

Town in Norway avoids 5 months of darkness

Enormous mirrors, each measuring 538 square feet in width are being placed by engineers at the town of Rjukan in… Read More.

Website calculates the number of times you will see your parents

A new website is now predicting the number of times its users are expected to see their parents till they… Read More.

$70,000 worth of equipment stolen from Flock of Seagulls

The band Flock of Seagulls reported a van theft of $70,000 in equipment during a gig in Southern California. The… Read More.

Amanda Bynes being held for mental evalutation

Amanda Bynes has been hospitalized for mental evaluation after she reportedly set fire in California. This 5150 hold, which Bynes… Read More.